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Dyer & Smith is a valued community resource committed to confidentiality and clear reporting.

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Budgeting for Success in Huntsville, AL

Dyer & Smith is a CPA firm in Huntsville, Alabama that offers a full range of CPA services and resources. We work primarily with nonprofit agencies and public utilities. Together, our firm has over 80 years of accounting experience. If you’re operating a fledgling business or trying to balance your checkbook, contact us for professional CPA services. Contact us today to learn about tax prep, budget analysis, and more.

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Our Services

Get help with your auditing, QuickBooks, bookkeeping, payroll preparation, income tax preparation, and all aspects of financial services and CPAs.

Tax Services

Income taxes and spreadsheets may seem intimidating, but we’re trained to simplify the accounting process to help you with all your tax service needs.

Payroll Services

If you’re interested in using QuickBooks to improve your bookkeeping and payroll operations, work with Dyer & Smith LLC of Huntsville, AL.

Attest Services

Our attestation services are independent reviews of a company’s financial statement conducted by certified public accountants (CPAs). We deliver reports with the analysis and validity of the statements.

What People Say

Our Accounting

We Crunch Numbers with Integrity and Accuracy

Whether you have a comprehensive understanding of accounting or you resolutely avoid bookkeeping, you can benefit from the services of Dyer & Smith. If you could use a few more hours in the day, remove accounting from your to-do list. Dyer & Smith is managed by Kevin Smith and Thomas T. Dyer, both of whom have 40 years of CPA experience. Your business is safe in their hands.

Non-Profit Organizations & Company Accounting

Is Your Nonprofit Accounting Nonexistent?

Unfortunately, nonprofits are generally so understaffed that they have fragmented financials. Staffing a full-time accountant is difficult when giving trends ebb and flow. Dyer & Smith will audit your books to ensure you maintain accurate records. It’s one thing to mismanage your own money. It’s another matter entirely to lose track of federal funds. You’ll love the thoroughness of our financial audits in Huntsville, AL.


At first, surrendering control of your finances may feel like a leap of faith. However, Dyer & Smith is a valued community resource. We’re committed to confidentiality and clear reporting. Choose our Huntsville, Alabama CPAs if you’re:

  1. Tempted to fudge the numbers
  2. Overwhelmed by all that paperwork
  3. Perplexed by income taxes
  4. Unorganized and forgetful
  5. Confused about payroll

Dyer & Smith LLC.

If you’re operating a fledgling business or trying to balance your checkbook, contact us for professional CPA services. For approachable accountants with local presence and prestige, choose Dyer & Smith. We sensitively address financial issues and unearth reporting inconsistencies.

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